Aaron Poehler & Ryan Tully-Doyle – DIETRICH now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and more; reviewed at Inforty

As the DIETRICH rollout continues we’re pleased to announce the album has been added to a wide variety of excellent distributors, streaming and licensing services, including Apple iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many more.

Some links are provided below for your convenience but this list is by no means exhaustive–I don’t belong to every site, membership is generally required to search catalogs, and some are non-US services or specific to certain mobile platforms. If your service of choice isn’t linked below, searching on my last name generally produces the desired results; there aren’t many other Poehlers releasing music, fortunately.

Apple iTunes







Google Play Music


Additional outlets: Rhapsody, 24-7, Omnifone, Rumblefish music licensing, Muve Music, Slacker Radio, Bloom.fm, MediaNet, GreatIndieMusic, Simfy, iHeartRadio, Yandex…

The album was also reviewed at Inforty.com, and as before the album is available through Bandcamp, which offers the physical CD.

Aaron Poehler & Ryan Tully-Doyle – DIETRICH now available on compact disc and digital download

The new album DIETRICH by Aaron Poehler & Ryan Tully-Doyle is now available for purchase on compact disc and via digital download. The album contains eleven songs and runs 36 minutes in total, mixed by Rob Allsopp at Annihilation Recordings and Larry Crane at Jackpot! Recording, and mastered by Tardon Feathered at Mr. Toad’s.

Shrinkwrapped, professionally manufactured aluminum compact discs are available through Bandcamp mail order and include immediate full album download in mp3, FLAC or other audio format. Additional stores and outlets (iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc.) will be added as they become available. No music videos or other video promotion will be released in conjunction with this album.

FREE BONUS: Because not all digital distribution services are capable of bundling extras along with album purchases, digital pdf liner notes including credits, photos, and all artwork appearing in the compact disc version of the album are available free to all via the following links (3MB): http://www.aaronpoehler.com/dl/Aaron_Poehler_and_Ryan_Tully-Doyle_-_Dietrich_booklet.pdf

The entire DIETRICH album can be streamed at Bandcamp or via the player below.


Buy DIETRICH on CD or download at Bandcamp


In this week’s San Diego Reader

Big thanks to Jay Allen Sanford for the cool writeup in this week’s “2014 Guide to The Arts” issue of the San Diego Reader.

The issue is available now wherever you usually pick up the Reader and the full text is available online at: http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2014/feb/12/blurt-music-you-can-touch/

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Coming February 18, 2014: Aaron Poehler & Ryan Tully-Doyle – DIETRICH

Coming February 18, 2014:

Aaron Poehler & Ryan Tully-Doyle – DIETRICH
On compact disc and digital download

Stream track 1, “Sleeper”:

“Sleeper” free mp3 download (6MB): bit.ly/19DCn8O or bit.ly/1cp4y8R


“Sleeper” on Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast

Our song “Sleeper” appeared on today’s episode of the Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast:

Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast – Episode 114

Idiosyncratic Transmissions is a proud member of the Association of Music Podcasting.

The Kelly Richey Band – Risin’ Sun
Sam Page – Release Me
Aaron Poehler  and Ryan Tully-Doyle – Sleeper
The Taters – Never Call Me Here
Javi Diaz – Pipe Cleaner Heart
Drew Jacobs – If 50′s the New 30

Hear the podcast at http://www.idiosyncratictransmissions.com/2014/01/idiosyncratic-transmissions-podcast-episode-114/

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Goodbye to 2013

(from Mind MGMT by Matt Kindt)

2013 was quite a year, mostly for reasons personal, private, and professional — thus the relative lack of public activity here. Signs point to renewed production in the next year but of course only time will tell.

Best to you and yours and here’s hoping for a bright 2014 for all.

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Scavenger Hunt trailer on Vimeo

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At least it’s not another Fantastic Four #1 or Action #1 homage

The market for comics is arguably more crowded than ever, with thousands of products from publishers ranging from multinational conglomerates to lone self-publishers. You really need a compelling cover design conveying an exciting concept to break through the chatter and grab the reader’s attention. Something like the debut issue of Skyward:

What we have here is a boy and his dog, evidently landing? Because the book’s called ‘Skyward’ I guess they can fly. Is that the hook? If so, obviously the best way to depict that is to have the characters slightly above the ground in such a way that it’s not clear whether they are landing or just jumped up in an awkward manner, or in the dog’s case whether he’s lifting his leg to urinate on his master once the boy returns to the embrace of gravity’s bonds. Assuming flight is the hook though they’ve got a goldmine here, as it’s well known audiences have been waiting for decades to finally get a comic book about mammals with flight capability.

And what better hook to grab the reader’s imagination than the mystery invoked by having both characters stare dully off-panel? What are they looking at? IT COULD LITERALLY BE ANYTHING! BOOK OF THE YEAR!

Other valuable marketing information conveyed by this cover: the world Skyward takes place in has trees and mushrooms. Great for budding environmentalists/vegetarians! Also, just like in the real world, buccaneer boots with matching gloves over taped-up forearms are what all the kids are into and huge belts are also a thing. Why, just the other day at the hypothetical mall I saw a kid rocking that exact combination tunic/jumpsuit the boy’s wearing. Sharp!

Finally, there is a sun in the world of Skyward as well. Good hook for sun-loving comics fans! At least the tagline gives us fair warning as to Skyward’s future prospects with a callback to basically the only 80s property never to spawn either sequel or reboot.

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Full-length feature film Scavenger Hunt is officially in the can

@aaronpoehler: Full-length feature film Scavenger Hunt is officially in the can: https://t.co/94jzNCBIpU

Dancing Cat Princess

Well, maybe not so much ‘dancing’ as ‘lunging’ but any activity is better than just lying on the floor like a big slug. (Cat Dancer)

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