Nobody ‘Cept You (May 2010 Solo Acoustic) video on youtube

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May 2010 Solo Acoustic – New pay-what-you-want archival audio release

New pay-what-you-want archival release recorded May 22 & 23 2010 at 4975 Claremont Mesa Blvd #219, San Diego CA. Audio remixed and remastered in 24bit/96kHz by Aaron Poehler, November 2014.

Listen/purchase at

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Pro audio musical equipment for sale on Craigslist – big discounts, big savings

I’m selling some surplus music gear via Craigslist here in the San Diego area; see links below for detailed descriptions and multiple photos of all items. Everything here is in like-new working condition, some items are still in original boxes with documentation.

If you live around here and see anything you’re interested in buying drop me a line; hell, even if you don’t live in the area I guess we can work out shipping if there’s something you really want.

M-Audio Keystudio 25 USB MIDI Controller Keyboard with cable – $50

Harbinger HA80 Portable PA System incl. mixer, amp, speakers & cables – $200

Behringer HA400 Ultra-compact 4-channel Stereo Headphone amplifier – $15

Yamaha YDD-60 8-pad Digital Drum Machine with Touch-sensitive Pads – $140

Line 6 POD 2.0 Guitar Multi Effects Amp Modeling Processor – $110

JBL MSC1 Studio Monitor System Controller with RMC – Like new in box! – $220

Digitech JamMan Stereo Looper Sampler with FS3X Foot Switch Controller – $160

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 Voice Floor-based Vocal Effects Processor – $350

MACKIE 1202 Micro Series 12 Channel Mic/Line Mixer – $100

Hartke Bass Attack Pre-Amp & Direct Box – $70

SONY ECM-DS70P Electret Condenser Microphone GENUINE – $30

Apogee ONE Pro Audio Interface/Microphone – Like new in box – $180

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Snapfish’s ’100 free prints’ offer is deceptive, not at all free

Snapfish recently made an offer: download their app and get 100 free 4×6 prints per month. Not bad, eh? Unfortunately it doesn’t work as one might expect.They charge you for the shipping — which takes a lot of the wind out of the offer’s sails right off the bat — but worse than that, it turns out you’re not even getting the free prints you were promised.

You see, they jack up the shipping charge on your ‘free’ prints, thus making them not free. I placed the same set of 83 photos in my cart via the Snapfish website ($7.47 at 9 cents per) and was quoted a “Standard S&H” charge of $4.91. But when I placed the same order through the app in order to get my ‘free’ prints (also $7.47, with a credit applied to the order for that amount), suddenly the “Standard Shipping & Handling” charge jumped to $7.99!

Above: Snapfish website

Above: Snapfish iOS app

Not being a lawyer I don’t know whether there’s anything illegal about this kind of bait-and-switch, but it sure isn’t on the up-and-up. If anything, this experience has made me resolve never to trust Snapfish offers in the future, and I’ll be clearing their bloated, worthless app off of my phone immediately.

For what it’s worth, I’ve had good experiences with the photo materials I’ve ordered from Shutterfly. No, they don’t send me free prints either, but at least they haven’t lied to me like Snapfish.

Edit: I see that Snapfish is owned by Hewlett-Packard. That explains a lot.

Edit2: After tweeting a link to this page, I received a reply from the Snapfish twitter account that made it clear the person replying had either not read my complaint, not understood the issue, or simply couldn’t be bothered to do their job. (“Free credits (site+app) don’t include s&h.”)

I answered “Congratulations on poor reading comprehension and worse customer service. Unsurprising for a HP product.” I didn’t receive an answer this time, I assume because complaints about poor customer service at HP must number in the trillions by now.

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iPad audio apps tested to work with Akai Synthstation 49 Keyboard Controller integration

This is a list of iPad audio and music creation apps I’ve personally tested to work with the Akai Synthstation 49 Keyboard Controller for iPad, which is much more pleasant to play than a virtual touchscreen keyboard. Not all apps will make full use of all the Synthstation’s controls such as the drum pads or vibrato wheel, but as long as the keyboard triggers the iPad app sounds it’s integration enough to make the list.

Obviously your results may vary and this list is not a guarantee a given app will work with your setup, so don’t go crazy and buy everything here then come moaning to me when nothing works; this is purely a list for my own reference, derived from my own experience.

Apps are not listed in any particular order of preference, but for what it’s worth Animoog is far and away my favorite app to play, Akai-compatible or otherwise.

Beatmaker 2
Addictive Synth
SoundPrism Pro
Modular Synthesizer
M3000 Free Edition
Performance Synth (removed from iTunes)

If you make an app you believe to be Akai Synthstation-compatible and you’d like your product to appear on this list, email and we’ll see what we can do.

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SCAVENGER HUNT Feature Film – watch free online now at Vimeo


SYNOPSIS: Two estranged brothers, Jack and Ernest, are brought together for a scavenger hunt of their deceased, wealthy father’s most prized possessions, as stipulated in his will and testament. Cognizant of his poor performance as a dad, and his sons’ drifting apart after their mother’s death, Nathaniel Stevenson places the clause in his will in one last attempt at fathering. The stipulation forbids any son from receiving or learning of his potential inheritance unless the scavenger hunt is completed by the two of them, working together. Through the process of hunting down their family’s lost heirlooms for an estate sale, the sons once again bond and learn to forgive their father for his flaws and shortcomings.

Aaron Poehler (
Evan McGinnis (
Original music by Andy Gassaway (

Edit: now available to watch free in HD.

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June 22 2014 Complete 18 song 61 min Acoustic Session – full 1080p video & pay-what-you-want album


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Complete June 13 2014 12 song 43 min Acoustic Session – pay-what-you-want audio release with full 720p multicam video


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Complete May 29 2014 acoustic 10 song session – pay-what-you-want release with full multicam video


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The Things You Said To Me – 2014-05-29 acoustic


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